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Ok so i haven't closed a week yet and i already got 50 badges (thank you !!) and 23 watcher!! i'm still bad and when i look at what other people do im like their so awesome, i wanna reach that level.. When i joined i thought id never cut out or even get 1 fave or comment, i already cant believe this, every day more people watch/fave/give badge and im just sitting here being like waw... i love you guys. I especially want to thank Wakoe and blackbanana21  for faving and commenting on most of my stuff, till now their my biggest support, and again i just wanna do more! and get better! *probably said that in all the entry's now* but yea apart from that i really just want to thank ALL my watchers and ALL the people who visited my profile/gave a badge/gave a fave or even just read my profile or something <3 Im just so happy! 

Ps: also i might not be that on for the next 2 weeks since i start exams tomorrow! :(
okay so i just been here for a few days... 4/5 and i must say i'm just addicted like, i go on here every second i got WiFi phone or laptop or anything xD i just been looking forward to get better, experimenting with more stuff, working more so i can post stuff and make more people happy and have fun showing my art and seeing people like it. thanks @MissCarolinaK for donating even though i'm still bad but eager. i'm starting to carry my ca everywhere, cause i also love photography along with my sketch book and more. Even though i'm just here for a few days i think i found the motivation i needed to help myself improve and get better. every single time i see someone fave or watch its like i just reached heaven for a few seconds every single time :D so thank you! all of you :D cant wait to do more stuff... but i might decrease a bit just for the next 2 weeks only cause i'm going to start my exams on Wednesday and i'm here instead of studying!! XD
Hi! :) so yea, this is my first day on deviant art but i must say, i already fell in love with it... after 2 hrs? x.x I should actually be studying for my exams at the moment as well lol... xD I already saw awesome art on here from various people x-x that got me thinking and i guess i really wanna become better, so basically im gonna be uploading various different things i make with different mediums from digital to traditional and so on... :D i really can't wait and i really hope ya all like my work :3 I would love any tips anyone has to offer! thx ^o^